About Us

Master of Ice Cream

Since 1966

The company has been run by the Fenocchio family since its inception.
Currently Francis and his wife Giselda are in charge. The Glacier Fenocchio has existed since 1966 on its site at Place Rossetti in old Nice.
Since 1998 opening of a second site in old Nice at 6 rue de la Poissonnerie near Cours Saleya.

A choice of 59 ice creams and 35 sorbets, 94 flavors from the most classic to the most original: Thyme – Rosemary – Violet – Rose – Tomato basil – Lavender etc..

Find Us

We are open from March to November

Three Shops in Nice Côte D’Azur

Shop Rossetti

2 place Rossetti
tél: 04 93 80 72 52 / fax: 04 93 62 88 82
de 9h à midnight, non stop

Shop Poissonnerie

6 rue de la Poissonnerie,
tél: 04 93 62 88 80
de 9h à midnight, non stop (sauf le Mardi)

Shop Jean Jaurès

28 Boulevard Jean Jaurès, 06300 Nice
tél: 04 93 88 93 06
de 9h à 1h, non stop

Manufacturing method

How are our products made?
All our products are designed and manufactured in this laboratory in La Gaude. You will also find a shop there.
Craft Tradition
We manufacture ice cream in the purest artisanal tradition and high quality sorbets made from noble and selected raw materials. This in a modern manufacturing laboratory that meets current health and safety standards.
Step 1
Preparation of mixtures and pasteurization.
Step 2
Mixing phase and control of the sugar level in sorbets for machine spinning.